Gebrauchte und überholte Maschinen und Anlagen

BROMAT liefert Einzelmaschinen und komplette Produktionsanlagen für:

  • Aerosoldosen und Aluminiumtuben
  • Metallverpackungen und Verschlüsse
  • Druck- und Lackiermaschinen für Weißblech- und Aluminiumtafeln
  • Aerosole und Sprühsysteme Abfüllmaschine


We are moving our warehouse and want to move as little of our existing stock as possible to our new warehouse.

This is a WIN-WIN opportunity for both you and BROMAT. You can purchase machines at very competitive pricing and we will have a less complicated move to our new warehouse.

Should you be interested in any of the below machines feel free to contact us for a quote and we will be happy to offer.

Techno-Grafica TPP 1450 Thermal-Plates-Developer

  • Model: TPP 1450
  • Build year: 2003
  • Machine type: TPP/TPP High-Speed
  • Thermal-Plates-Developer
  • This type of machine can treat thermal plates precoated on a single side, and traditional offset plates. The machine is available for the following operating widths: 1450mm
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A flower

Dispenser and Packing Machine for loose products UNIPAK/TREPKO - OPTIMA

  • Feeder
  • Packing machine Unipak/Trepko ASG-30
  • Dispenser Unipak/Trepko DSG-3
  • Inline control scale Optima CC2 – 3003
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A flower
A flower
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